Peanut Butter Madness

Peanut Butter Madness - delicious creamy peanut butter inspired menu items are available for a limited time only at participating Sickies Garage locations.


Deep Fried Potato Salad

Panko breaded scoops of potato salad, deep fried to a golden brown.  A hot and cold combination that will have you clamoring for more.

Tater Kegs

Oversized tater tots stuffed with smoky bacon, oozing cheddar and chives, served with our Sickies seasoned sour cream dip.


Jalapeño Peanut Butter Burger

A sweet and spicy delight that will have your taste buds jumping for joy. It’s a combination of pepper jack cheese, peppered bacon, sliced jalapenos, and creamy peanut butter.

PB&J Burger

We will bring you back to your childhood with a Sickies twist. Try this burger topped with creamy peanut butter, grape jelly, and pepper jack cheese.

Crazy Elvis Burger

Due to numerous unverified sightings and reports that “The King” loves Sickies, we’ve brought back this Sickies classic - a creamy peanut butter, banana, and chocolate syrup topped burger. It’s a hunka, hunka burnin’ love.


Thai Peanut Chicken Salad

Sickies creative twist on a Thai chicken salad. The flavors of sesame,lime, soy sauce, and peanuts blend with the crunch of wonton strips, oriental coleslaw, and edamame, all topped with succulent chicken give you a flavor of the far east.


Sickies Banana Cheesecake Bites

Deep fried banana cheesecake balls sprinkled with powdered sugar. Served with a side of creamy peanut butter and raspberry sauce.

Chocolate Monkey Milkshake

Creamy vanilla ice cream & chocolate syrup, blended with ripe bananas and topped with whipped cream and a cherry.